In Hard Way Home, Author Dennis Wesley Clark weaves a spellbinding plot filled with suspense and adventure.  A true page-turner, this stellar book debut distinguishes itself by its sheer audacity to tell a heck of a good story. This fact based fiction novel leaves the reader questioning what is real, what is fiction and what is possible.

The Vietnam War was over.  Some soldiers were left behind – confirmed by ‘live sightings’ of POW’s/MIA’s.  The pressure for their return was augmented with threats.  But, the threats had unintended consequences.  The enemy devises a plan that was designed to ensure none were ever found.

As the purge was being executed, a small team of Americans POW’s/MIA’s became aware of the purge and coordinated an escaped.  Thirteen men rendezvoused for the escape.  They divided into three different escape plans.  Each plan had its own tale.  One plan was to escape out to sea.  Another plan was to escape to Thailand.  And, the last plan was a long overland journey to an American Embassy.

The overland journey was arduous.  Time was lost in a Burma jail.  But, when they finally arrived at the American Embassy in an Eastern European country, they found their arrival was an utter surprise.  Washington was caught off guard.  It feared their arrival would derail proposed national agendas.  A compromise plan was developed.  Once Washington started down the path of this possible diversion, it soon convinced itself this was a justifiable course.  The betrayal quickly spun out of control and be came deadly.  The betrayal was cleverly reversed.  However, success created new and more dangerous challenges.

In the end, each man would have to decide how to come to terms with a life left behind many years before.  The bitter/sweet choice of each man wrenches at the heart as it is played out.



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