In Old Gold, Dennis Wesley Clark weaves a fun adventure, a true page-turner.


On the West Coast of Florida, pirates English and Spanish pirates haunted Charlotte Harbor.  When the United State took control of Florida, it sent pirate hunters to rid the area of this menace.  The last Spanish pirate … Jose Gaspar … was preparing to leave when he was discovered and killed.  Many rumors were told as to where he had hid his treasure before that fateful day.


Joe was an avid history buff interested in the pirate lore of the West Coast of Florida.  By chance he stumbled on a clue up in Annapolis.  A seaman on a pirate hunter … the one that did in Gasparilla the Pirate … took home some bottles as pirate booty.  Joe wanted that piece of pirate history.  But the family would not sell the family heirloom.


Years later, the family agreed to sell Joe the bottles.  Joe and three friends examined the bottles discovering ‘directions’ to Gaspar’s treasure.  Through research they converted the ‘directions’ into ‘maps’.  Through detective work they actually located the treasures sites.


The four old codgers began to recover the treasure.  In the process they attracted the attention of others who ‘wanted in on the action’.  Goons from a pawn shop.  Wayward water cops.  It becomes a race to fend them off while cashing in on the treasure.

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