In, Overwhelmed – China’s Pacific Basin, Dennis Wesley Clark tells a thrilling story that weaves together history and current events, connects the events to predict a trend and forecasts a dire outcome.


China has a long and rich history that shapes its current culture and values.  Demons from the past haunt the leaders.  Over the last 2000 years over 600 bouts of famine have devastated the population.  At least two dynasties were overthrown by peasant revolts.  The Chinese people have often been under threat from outsiders.  And, they have learned that since no one has ever come to their aid, they have to take care of themselves.


The new Communist leadership knows this history and sees the modern challenges facing the nation.  Air pollution, problems with safe food, overcrowding and financial stresses challenge the new leadership.  The new president devises a plan to secure food resources from foreign lands and solve its overcrowding by moving some its population overseas.  China transitions from being reclusive to being a new powerful force the world.


The United States, the existing world power, and China, the emerging world power, are on a collision course.  The United States is used to its predominate role and its assumed responsibilities as the world cop.  China is focused on defining its realm of control and influence.  Overlapping concepts create friction.


Then, catastrophe strikes.  Climate change plunges the world into famine.  The carrying capacity of the world shrinks.  Nations adjust.  Europe ejects foreigners and returns to its heritage.  Across the world people withdraw into their tribal roots to survive.  China uses its military to enforce its foreign food contracts.  It accelerates its plan to export people to foreign lands.  The scope of this plan includes all lands where the rivers flow into the Pacific Basin.  This includes the West Coast of the USA.


The United States attempts to check the expansion of China early on as it marches down Southeast Asia.  The United States suffers a huge military defeat in the South China Sea.  The United States withdraws into a defensive posture.  China presses forward with a pincher movement through Alaska and down from the north and through Mexico from the south.  There a major battles but the United States is no match for the Chinese industrial strength and huge number of warriors.  In the end, they are just overwhelmed.



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