Dan Henry is an average writer, but marketing isn't exactly his thing. He just needs a little luck to write a killer novel that people want to read.


That's when Pastor Janet Russell reaches out with a proposition. She has the confessions told by a dying homeless woman who claimed to have killed eight people. The details are all there, the ‘when’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ out each crime. The homeless woman challenged the pastor to recount each story to a writer who would report her confession to the police.


It's Dan's job to document each incident, get the police involved, and help the families find closure. Each incident is to be a separate chapter in the book. Dan agrees to the task—and so do the police.


The police are doubtful at first. They soon take a special interest when the details of the murders check out. Soon the FBI gets involved as each crime takes place in a different state.


Everything seems to be coming together—except the profile of perpetrator is not matching the homeless woman - not exactly. Is the homeless woman really the killer?


Find out in The Detectives, a suspenseful page-turner by Dennis Wesley Clark.




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Hard Way Home

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The Detectives

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