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The Grudge

The Grudge

Sequel To Hard Way Home

These Vietnam POW’s had been through hell to get home.  But, he was one of those government officials who attempted to hide their escape and betray them for his own political expediency.  They rebuffed the betrayal and in the process increased the financial settlement.  He was bitter about the money and attempted to track them down.  A Swiss banker foiled him with an especially clever April Fool’s joke cutting him to the quick.

Twenty years later, he retired from high public office.  He should have been peacefully comfortable in his Rocky Mountain retreat; but, he had a grudge to settle with these POW’s.  He tracked them down.  He sent his loyal zealots to physically harm them.  And, with the full force the government, he initiated spurious attacks using the FBI and IRS.

The repatriated POW’s were faced with many challenges.  First, who was launching this belated attack on them?  Why?  Then, when this was discovered, they were faced with a conundrum.  Their fundamental beliefs demanded they respected the law and the leaders of our democracy…current and retired.  Thus, with their attacker in a protected position , how could they defend themselves?

Their discovery of the source of the attack and their defense unfolds in typical military precision:  identify your enemy, know your enemy, assess the situation, isolate the target, define a plan of attack, execute and remove the threat.

The story is a race between evil and good.  Alone, they are threatened with defeat.  In spite of their best efforts, evil was persistent and crushing.  There were other good forces on the way; could they get there in time?



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