In Trap, Dennis Wesley Clark weaves a suspenseful story.  The story starts out using real facts and details.  From here the story becomes a real page turner.

All along the Southwest Coast of Florida high end boats start disappearing.  It takes awhile for the pattern to emerge.  The boats are being stolen to smuggle Cubans into the USA.  The thieves are members of a notorious Mexican drug cartel.  And, they are coached by a Miami based attorney to stay under the radar or minimize the charges.

The police are challenged in stopping the thieves.  There are numerous access canals into the boats and it is difficult to stop the thieves from the shore and the marine response is just too slow.  Further, the Feds know of the gang’s activities; but, they are delaying action waiting to build a ‘perfect case’.  The thefts continue.

In Punta Gorda, local residents demand action and offer solutions.  Finally, the local police devise a plan to defend themselves.  Instead of attempting to catch the thieves on the way out, they use game cameras with motion sensors to ID the thieves on the way in and trap them before they can escape.

Unfortunately, the thieves turn violent.  A police officer is wounded and another is killed.  The police chief wants to get this gang.

Up in Washington, the lethal action of the thieves proves to be embarrassing.  The President orders a special task force to eliminate the gang and send a message.  The federal task force teams up with the local police chief.  Five key points of their plan are: kill the gang members in the USA; put the Miami attorney out of business; kill the king-pin of the gang in Mexico; deny success by destroying all stolen boats sequestered in Mexico; and, issue no-bond warrants on all Mexican government officials supporting the thieves and individuals getting these boats for their personal use.




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