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Dennis Wesley Clark accumulated a diverse set of experiences that uniquely prepared him for insightful story telling.  As a youth, he became familiar with boating in the San Francisco Bay Area and hiking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Later, he lived in Costa Rica, Honduras and Venezuela, learning the language and culture.  He served in the Army in Vietnam as an artillery Staff Sergeant along the DMZ and later as ‘tactical combat advisor’.  In college, he graduated top in his class in Finance and later earned a MBA.  He worked in the aerospace and defense industry at various locations in the USA and England, specializing in fixing ‘broken operations’ and later consulting.  These combined educational, military and business experiences equipped him to assess the situation, to see the trends and to forecast the course of events.  Now, as a novelist, expect this unique background to be woven into stories that will tantalize you with weave of cultural diversity, economic realities and military strategies.


Published Novels

Hard Way Home

The Grudge



Chance Encounter

The Detectives

Old Gold

The Mary Dear

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Upcoming Novels

Dirty Money

Paradise Rekindled